The Buddy Perch

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Finally! A friendly tool to help you manage your bird with a level of confidence!

Owning a parrot is both a rewarding and challenging experience.  Companion parrots can and sometimes do bite.  Reasons for biting are many but some include fear, hormonal changes caused by the breeding season, the presence of strangers (lack of trust), disturbing them when attention is not wanted, sudden movements, jealousy.

There are many reasons why you should train your bird to use The Buddy Perch.  It was designed specifically to allow the bird to be picked up as you would naturally with your hand and provides a level of protection from being bit.  It is small enough so it easily reaches into the cage and can be presented to the bird as you would naturally present your hand.  The acrylic guard over the back of the hand provides protection to the hand and the back of the perch with a minimal amount of shield allows the bird to easily step down onto another perch or surface.  

The Buddy Perch is mentioned in Nikki Moustaki's book, "Parrots for Dummies", as follows:

"There's a really ingenious product on the market called the Buddy Perch.  This perch is shaped like a "T" so that the parrot can't scooch its way along a straight perch and over to bite your hand, but that's not the ingenious part.  The cool part is the piece of Plexiglas attached near the "T" that guards your hand against being bitten."

Here's what our customers are telling us:

"My name is Jennifer and I would like to contribute to your comments on the Buddy Perch.  I religiously use my Buddy Perch with my two girls, Sunny (Sun Conure) and Nikkie (Quaker Parrot).  I also recommend the Buddy Perch to anyone who has a nippy bird or who lacks the confidence required when getting a bird in and out of its cage.  My girls share a cage so getting them out of the cage can be a little tedious.  But with the Buddy Perch, they step right on and it is no problem.  Thanks for creating a great product!"  Jennifer in New York

"My wife and I rescued/adopted a 22 year old African Grey last month.  I received the Buddy Perch late yesterday afternoon.  It works great and he became accustomed to the perch in no time at all!  Now it is just a matter of working on his attitude.  Unfortunately, he was not handled that often and spent most of his days locked up in his cage.  To let him know there is more to life than just the inside of a cage, I have set up a couple of play gyms in other rooms in the house and use the Buddy Perch to transport him.  He is already stepping up from the Buddy Perch to my hand and down to the gym without the biting.  I have included a picture of Perky on the Buddy Perch." Ian of Prince Edward Island, Canada

More Customer Feedback

"Thank you so much for my Buddy Perch.  It is wonderfully constructed, and J.J., my Blue and Gold Macaw, stepped right up onto it without any problems.  She acts like it's her own mobile throne!  It was a pleasure doing business with you."  Curt in Missouri

"I only saw the Buddy Perch advertised in Birdtalk, shortly before I ordered them.  I knew right away that this was just what I had been looking for, for about three months, that is when I purchased a Black Headed Caique.  He is one ornery little bird, and doesn't like to be put back on his cage, and certainly not in it.  But the Buddy Perch has really helped, it is just perfect to protect hands and fingers from feisty birds.  In my opinion, this is the perfect tool addition to be used by bird handlers."  Susan in California

"I got mine today and my landshark, oh, I mean conure is using it already and it's a calm trip back to the cage. Great Product!!! Your perch allows for a way to interrupt the biting behaviour to begin to eradicate it!!!"  Linda in Connecticut

"I have many birds including six Macaws and needed something for those times when the birds don't want to come out of their cage.  The Buddy Perch works great to protect your fingers and hand.  I'm very happy with it.  Great product!  I think the Buddy Perch is ideal for new bird owners who may be unsure of their bird biting them and it provides them a means for getting close to the bird with more confidence."  Dan in California

"Several months ago we purchased the Buddy Perch.  It had been months since I have been able to take Angel, our Cockatoo, out of her cage.  I have been afraid that she would bite me and she senses my anxiety.  It has been a no win situation.  My husband (the love of her life) has been working with Angel and the Buddy Perch - not every time she is out of her cage - but frequently.  Today, because he is out of town, I was determined to take her out of the cage and NOT get bitten.  I got her to step onto the Buddy Perch while still inside her cage and moved her to the activity center.  When it was time for her to go back into the cage - she again stepped onto the Buddy Perch and let me move her back inside the cage.  Can you tell how excited I am to be able to "handle" this bird again?  I can actually take her out of the cage without fear of losing blood doing so.  Thank you SO MUCH for developing the Buddy Perch.  It truly has changed my relationship with Angel.  It was definitely worth every dollar we paid for it - and more."  Ellin in Florida

It took a few days for my 2 conures to get used to the Buddy Perch, but I followed your suggestions (patience and persistence) and they now jump right on it without hesitation.  I have a pet sitter who comes to the house to care for them when we are gone and I know she will appreciate the Buddy Perch immensely as she has received her share of aggressiveness (read: bites) when she trys to take them out of their cages."  Jean in Florida

"Finally Sunshine will climb aboard the Buddy Perch and not be nervous.  My husband initially thought this was just an expensive toy but after using it he has changed his mind.  It just took Sunshine a little time to get used to it (he is 18 years old and used to his same old routine).  Thanks for a great product and for being so patient and determined to make it right for my stubborn Amazon."  Phyllis in Maryland

"Please put me down as a very satisfied customer!  The Buddy Perch is simple, elegant, easy to use, well constructed and most importantly, IT WORKS!  I especially appreciate this fine apparatus during the Spring when my amazons, with their hormones raging, do not often appreciate my hands going into their cages to transport them into their shower cages.  Now it's a breeze, and my knuckles truly appreciate the Buddy Perch every time it is birdie shower time.  Thank you for a simple but well designed and functional perch that performs as advertised!"  Frank in Florida (a happy customer and bird lover for over 50 years)

The Buddy Perch is $38.99

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Available in three sizes:

Size is the perch diameter appropriate for the bird's feet to get a good grip.  Choose the size that best fits your bird type.

Size: Medium 3/4" diameter perch

                                Suggested bird types:  Conures, Caiques, Senagals, Pionus

Size:  Medium Large 1" diameter perch

                               Suggested bird types:  African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus, Medium Large Cockatoos

Size:  Large 1 1/4" diameter perch

                               Suggested bird types:  Large Cockatoos, Large Macaws

Proudly made in the U.S.A.